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Flughafenentaxi Wien provides services based on the following terms and conditions, the service descriptions and the price lists. Deviating terms and conditions do not apply, even if you do not expressly contradict Vienna Airport Taxi. Deviations from these conditions require the express written approval of Flughafenentaxi Wien. A contract is only concluded if it is confirmed by Flughafenentaxi Wien.

The scope of services is determined exclusively in accordance with the written order confirmation from Airport Taxi Vienna or, on a subsidiary basis, in accordance with the written offer Airport Taxi Vienna Information contained in brochures, service catalogs, price lists and similar information is only binding insofar as it is expressly referred to. The transport takes place according to the regulations of the StVO and the PbefG.

The passengers have to adhere to the instructions of the Vienna Airport Taxi or the chauffeur. If guests act against the instructions, or if they represent a risk according to the StVO, or the safety of road traffic by impairing the chauffeur, Airport Taxi Vienna is entitled to exclude them from the transport. In this case Flughafenentaxi Wien charges the full fare including the fixed price or kilometer price and all ancillary and special services.airport taxi vienna

Airport Taxi Vienna

Pick up at the airport (airport transfer)

Any change to the agreed pick-up time, regardless of the reason, must be reported to Flughafenentaxi Wien immediately. Damage caused by not being notified immediately will be borne by the customer. The waiting time for journeys from the airport is a maximum of 35 minutes. It is calculated from the time the aircraft landed. If you need more than 35 minutes from landing to the meeting point, you must inform us in good time. Airport taxi Vienna reserves the right to collect the waiting time from that point on. If the customer does not agree, Vienna Airport Taxi reserves the right to cancel the trip and to charge the full amount of the agreed price.


The prices include the statutory sales tax at the respective statutory rate. The prices valid on the day of the booking confirmation apply. Flat rate prices not listed in the price list can only be agreed in writing and are only valid for the agreed travel date and rental period. Any additional times and distances are calculated according to the valid price list. Additional costs due to delays are borne by the customer, unless the delays are due to the fault of Airport Taxi Vienna or the chauffeur. The fare includes passenger transport with normal luggage; the transport of bulky goods requires a separate agreement.

Customer Obligations and Liabilityairport transfer

The customer informs Flughafenentaxi Wien immediately of any change in his name, his (billing) address, his legal form and his bank details. The customer is also obliged to provide the necessary information about passengers, time and place of the service provision. If the customer fails to notify us immediately, he is liable for damage that would have been avoided if notification had been given in good time. The customer undertakes, also on behalf of the passengers, not to misuse the services of Flughafenentaxi Wien, in particular

* Not to disturb or hinder the performance of the service

* keine Schäden hervorzurufen

* nicht gegen strafrechtliche Vorschriften zu verstoßen

* strictly adhere to the ban on smoking in the vehicle

* not to refuse to accept the fare.

If a customer violates the aforementioned obligations, Flughafenaxi Wien is entitled to take all necessary measures to eliminate the misuse. In the event of culpable violation, the customer is liable to Flughafenentaxi Wien for damages.


Flughafenentaxi Wien is liable to the customer for damages - irrespective of the legal reason - only in the event of intent or gross negligence as well as culpable breach of essential contractual obligations by Flughafenentaxi Wien, its legal representatives or vicarious agents. Liability for injury to life, limb or health is based on the statutory provisions. In the event of property damage, limited to € 1,000.00 per passenger. There is a breach of liability for the vehicles according to the applicable general insurance conditions.

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Airport Taxi Vienna reserves the right to charge a deposit of up to 50% of the total price before starting the journey or to request a blank debit slip issued to a valid credit card before accepting an order. Remaining payments are due for payment within the deadlines specified on the invoice. For the timeliness of the payment, it depends on the receipt of the amount for unconditional disposal by Airport Taxi Vienna. When paying by check, the claim is only considered paid after it has been fully credited. Payments are always used to settle the oldest claim. If the customer is in default of payment, Flughafenentaxi Wien charges interest of 5 percentage points above the base rate, subject to the assertion of further damage caused by default. For the second and each subsequent reminder, a reminder fee of € 10 will be charged. The customer reserves the right to prove that the damage was lower.

Cancellation and withdrawalAirport Driver

Cancellations are only effective if they are made in writing or if they are confirmed verbally by Flughafenentaxi Wien in writing. The timeliness of written cancellations depends on the access at Vienna Airport Taxi. Cancellations up to and including 24 hours before the contractually agreed start of the journey are free of charge. In the event of cancellations, Flughafenaxi Wien charges a share of the basic fare as compensation. This proportion is:

* 50% for cancellations up to 12 hours

* 80% for cancellations up to 3 hours before the contractually agreed start of performance

* 100% for later cancellations and if the journey is not started.

Flughafenentaxi Wien charges expenses regardless of the timeliness of the cancellations, if they have already occurred. The customer is expressly allowed to prove that the Vienna Airport Taxi did not suffer any damage or that the damage was lower. Flughafenentaxi Wien reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in whole or in part if the customer stops paying, becomes insolvent or, due to external circumstances, it can be assumed that the services are being used improperly, or if the customer violates an obligation under these contractual provisions .

The customer is responsible for any additional insurance. Flughafenentaxi Wien is not liable for missed appointments and their economic consequences, unless these are the fault of Flughafenentaxi Wien. This includes e.g. Delays / delays caused by:

Traffic jams, road closures

* Vehicle breakdowns or traffic accidents

* bad weather

Flughafenentaxi Wien assumes no liability towards the customer or passenger for damage resulting from incorrect transmission of data by the customer.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Austrian law applies exclusively to all legal relationships between Vienna Airport Taxi and its customers. The place of jurisdiction and performance is Vienna.

Partial ineffectiveness

Should one or more of the above conditions be ineffective, the remaining conditions remain unaffected by the ineffectiveness. The statutory provisions take the place of ineffective clauses.

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